West Hollywood Pilot for Guaranteed Income, CA

West Hollywood Pilot for Guaranteed Income was launched in 2022.




monthly payment

1.5 Years



invested in community

Pilot Features  
Number of Participants25 individuals
Median Household Income$18,168 per year
Program DatesAugust 2022-January 2024
EligibilityAdults over 50 years of age, housed or unhoused resident of West Hollywood, and living on $41,400 or less.

About the West Hollywood Pilot for Guaranteed Income, CA

The City of West Hollywood was created by LGBT activists, older adults, and renters seeking a place to live where they would be free from discrimination and safely age in their community. Since then, the City has crafted housing policies that stabilize rental costs and prohibit discrimination, invested in affordable and inclusionary housing, and developed the West Hollywood Pilot for Guaranteed Income. The City, in partnership with National Council of Jewish Women, Los Angeles, launched the first pilot in the country for older adults living on a low-income and based on state and local data: residents over the age of 50 are now the fastest growing population of homeless people in many parts of the state; and West Hollywood residents ages 55+ comprise 23% of the City’s population, but 44% of residents living in poverty. The pilot’s goals are to help community members age in place, prevent homelessness, reduce the stressors of financial insecurity, as well as capture qualitative data to provide insight into income challenges facing older adults.

Data last updated on 3/31/2023.

Spending Breakdown

The data in this pie chart shows aggregate spending for guaranteed income participants in West Hollywood, CA. This includes all non-cash expenditures from the participants' pre-paid debit card that is loaded with guaranteed income payments monthly.

Spending breakdown

Retail sales and services accounted for the largest share of spending, at 29.51%, followed by Food and groceries (27.25%) and Financial transactions (12.86%).


“[If] we have resources available to help people, why should anyone have to struggle?”


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