Shreveport Guaranteed Income Program

Shreveport Guaranteed Income Program was launched in 2022 by Mayor Adrian Perkins.




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Pilot Features  
Number of Participants110 individuals
Median Household Income$9,990 per year
Program DatesMarch 2022-February 2023
EligibilityA single parent with school age children, 18 years or older, resident in Shreveport resident whose income is at or below 120% of the federal poverty line

About the Shreveport Guaranteed Income Program

The City of Shreveport's Guaranteed Income Program is administered by the City of Shreveport and United Way of Northwest Louisiana through the Shreveport Financial Empowerment Center and research is being evaluated by ABT Associates. Researchers are looking at the impact of this supplemental income on participants' economic volatility, employment status, mental well-being, and education outcomes. Participants were selected by lottery by our research partners. The initial six months were funded entirely by private donations and the remaining 6 months are funded entirely by the Caddo Parish Commission.

Data last updated on 9/30/2023.

Spending Breakdown

The data in this pie chart shows aggregate spending for guaranteed income participants in Shreveport, LA. This includes all non-cash expenditures from the participants' bank accounts, not just those that are from the guaranteed income they received.

Spending breakdown

Retail sales and services accounted for the largest share of spending, at 45.81%, followed by Food and groceries (29.05%) and Housing & Utilities (9.55%).


“When life happens, and it's out of your control, this program has been the cushion needed in those unforeseen times.”


Shreveport Guaranteed Income Program

Shreveport, LA

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