Young Adult Louisville Income for Transformation (YALift!)

Young Adult Louisville Income for Transformation (YALift!) was launched in April 2022 by Mayor Greg Fischer.




monthly payment

1 Year



invested in community

Pilot Features  
Number of Participants150 individuals
Median Household Income$8,544 per year
Program DatesApril 2022-March 2023
Eligibility18-24 years old and residing in the following neighborhoods: California, Russell, and Smoketown.

About Young Adult Louisville Income for Transformation (YALift!)

YALift! provides young adults with a one-year, no strings attached foundation of financial stability. The pilot is collaboratively administered by Louisville Metro Government, Metro United Way, Russell: A Place of Promise, and Mayors for Guaranteed Income (MGI), and is focused on young adults in three neighborhoods of concentrated poverty: Smoketown, Russell, and California.

Data last updated on 9/30/2023.

Spending Breakdown

The data in this pie chart shows aggregate spending for guaranteed income participants in Louisville, KY. This includes all non-cash expenditures from the participants' bank accounts, not just those that are from the guaranteed income they received.

Spending breakdown

Retail sales and services accounted for the largest share of spending, at 39.42%, followed by Food and groceries (30.94%) and Transport related expenses (9.77%).


"At any given moment, no matter what happens, I have a cushion point and will always be fine. So really, mentally, it just helped me — it just freed up a lot of mental space. Less stress."


Young Adult Louisville Income for Transformation (YALift!)

Louisville, KY

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