Ithaca Guaranteed Income (IGI)

Ithaca Guaranteed Income (IGI) was launched in 2022 by Mayor Svante Myrick.




monthly payment

1 Year



invested in community

Pilot Features  
Number of Participants110 individuals
Median Household Income$15,702 per year
Program DatesJune 2022-May 2023
EligibilityPrimary unpaid caregivers to children and aging or disabled adults that reside in Ithaca and have an income at or below 80% Area Median Income.

About the Ithaca Guaranteed Income (IGI)

Even before COVID-19, income and wealth inequality were at historic highs and many people who were working multiple jobs couldn’t afford basic necessities. Ithaca Guaranteed Income (IGI) is a research pilot that asks the question: how does a guaranteed income effect the housing stability and overall wellness of our city's care-givers. Cash is the currency of urgency, and guaranteed income works more effectively when it’s direct and unconditional. Research tells us that recipients of direct cash assistance overwhelmingly use money on their basic needs: housing, utilities, food, and unexpected medical expenses or other financial emergencies that can undermine their health and well-being. People can be trusted to make their own financial choices. (Photo credit: Christian Phillips, courtesy of Sasaki)

Data last updated on 9/30/2023.

Spending Breakdown

The data in this pie chart shows aggregate spending for guaranteed income participants in Ithaca, NY. This includes all non-cash expenditures from the participants' pre-paid debit card that is loaded with guaranteed income payments monthly.

Spending breakdown

Food and groceries accounted for the largest share of spending, at 38.45%, followed by Retail sales and services (25.03%) and Financial transactions (14.91%).


“I can breathe easier for a moment instead of worrying myself to death about money, working extra hours, and hours of lost sleep due to the mental/physical effects of not knowing how I will provide for my family.”


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