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The Dashboard has received significant media attention since its launch September 2022. The following news articles reference the Dashboard or spending data from the Dashboard.

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‘Equity is about money’: St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter on the city’s guaranteed income experiments, home-buying assistance

Carter is a leader in the national movement to provide no-strings-attached government checks to the lowest-income people. In a MinnPost Q&A, we asked him where the movement is headed next.

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May 2023 - Ms. Magazine
Five Hundred Reasons for $500
May 2023 - Next City
Can Guaranteed Income Prevent Gentrification?
May 2023 - Morningstar
Would reparations lead to irresponsible spending? Studies on other cash windfalls suggest not, new report says.
May 2023 - Ms. Magazine
This Mother’s Day, Congress Should Put the Check in the Mail
May 2023 - WWNO - New Orleans Public Radio
6 ways the conversation around a guaranteed income in the US has changed
May 2023 - The Gainsville Sun
Guaranteed income program gives $874K to formerly incarcerated Alachua County residents
April 2023 - Boston Globe
Providence’s guaranteed income pilot program has ended
April 2023 - The Oaklandside
What’s next for Oakland’s guaranteed income program?
March 2023 - WMTV (Madison)
Madison’s guaranteed income pilot has initial findings, now halfway through
March 2023 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Bill sparks debate on a guaranteed income program for Oregon
February 2023 - Gothamist
Cash-assistance programs are spreading in New York. The jury's out on what’s a winning formula.
February 2023 - Next City
The Future of Guaranteed Income Is At The Community Level
February 2023 - MinnPost
‘Equity is about money’: St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter on the city’s guaranteed income experiments, home-buying assistance
February 2023 - The Baltimore Sun
US cities with guaranteed income programs
February 2023 - WYPR (NPR)
Baltimore's guaranteed income pilot program launched six months ago. How is the money being spent?
January 2023 - 24/7 Wall St.
26 US Cities With Guaranteed Income Programs
January 2023 - Colorado Sun
Programs offering universal basic income — or direct cash with no strings attached — are increasing across Colorado
January 2023 -
Think guaranteed income isn’t fair? This Birmingham single mom might change your mind
January 2023 - Newsbreak
New law gives $9,000 in guaranteed income to these families
January 2023 - Next City
The 22 Best Solutions of 2022
December 2022 - Vox
2022 was dark — but 9 stories gave us hope for the future
December 2022 - ABC News
Guaranteed income recipients praise poverty program outcome
December 2022 - Twin Cities Business
Should Basic Income Be the Path to Economic Security?
December 2022 - Next City
Guaranteed Income Initiatives Are Moving From Pilots To Policies
October 2022 - The Ithaca Voice
Ithaca Guaranteed Income launches dashboard, finds majority of funds spent on food
October 2022 - Tacoma Weekly
Guaranteed Income Helps With Basic Needs
October 2022 - Next City
Guaranteed Income Is More Than A Monthly Check
October 2022 - The Center Square
St. Paul offering numerous guaranteed income programs
October 2022 - Fatherly
What Happens When You Give 6,000 Americans Guaranteed Income? The Results Are In
October 2022 - WGNO-TV / ABC26 / WNOL38
City of New Orleans Releases Data from Mayors for a Guaranteed Income Pilot Program
October 2022 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
$500 a month, no strings attached: Guaranteed income comes to San Diego with three experimental programs
September 2022 - KTALnews (Shreveport, Marshall, Texarkan)
Shreveport releases Universal Basic Income Program statistics
September 2022 - KSLA Channel 12 News (Shreveport)
Data show most of guaranteed income being spent on food, clothing, city says
September 2022 - Bloomberg
For More Than 20 Guaranteed Income Projects, the Data Is In
September 2022 - Patch
Newark Gave 400 People 'Guaranteed Income' – See How They Spent It

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