Just Income

Just Income was launched in 2022 by Mayor Lauren Poe.



$1,000 1st month then $600

monthly payment

1 Year



invested in community

Pilot Features  
Number of Participants115 individuals
Median Household Income$20,372 per year
Amount$1,000 1st month then $600
Program DatesJanuary 2022-February 2023
EligibilityAlachua County residents who are within six months of their release from federal/Florida state prison, released from jail with a felony or beginning felony probation.

About Just Income

Just Income is a guaranteed income project in Alachua County, Florida, providing temporary, unconditional monthly payments directly to people who have been impacted by the justice system. This pilot is designed and administered by formerly incarcerated people. We believe a guaranteed income can mitigate known barriers to successful reentry and unlock the inherent potential of our justice-impacted neighbors. 115 justice-impacted people were randomly selected from our applicant pool to receive $1,000 in the first month, followed by $600 a month for the next eleven months. Alachua County residents who met one of these criteria within six months of the application deadline were eligible to apply: Released from a Florida state prison, released from federal prison, released from a Florida county jail with a new felony conviction, or began felony probation in Alachua County.

Data last updated on 9/30/2023.

Spending Breakdown

The data in this pie chart shows aggregate spending for guaranteed income participants in Gainesville, FL. This includes all non-cash expenditures from the participants' bank accounts, not just those that are from the guaranteed income they received.

Spending breakdown

Retail sales and services accounted for the largest share of spending, at 35.61%, followed by Food and groceries (33.78%) and Transport related expenses (9.11%).

"T" (anonymous)

“This is probably the nicest and most helpful thing that’s happened to me, just from people helping me.”

"T" (anonymous)

Just Income

Gainesville, FL

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