Columbia Life Improvement Monetary Boost (CLIMB)

Columbia Life Improvement Monetary Boost (CLIMB) was launched in 2021 by Mayor Stephen Benjamin.




monthly payment

1 Year



invested in community

Pilot Features  
Number of Participants100 individuals
Median Household Income$14,250 per year
Program DatesSeptember 2021-August 2022
EligibilityFathers residing in Columbia and currently or recently enrolled in a program with the Midland Fathers Coalition

About the Columbia Life Improvement Monetary Boost (CLIMB)

Columbia Life Improvement Monetary Boost (CLIMB) was launched to determine the effectiveness of regular monthly payments to strengthen fathers and families. In partnership with Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, CLIMB utilizes one of the most promising tools for addressing poverty, inequity, and family instability: a guaranteed income. CLIMB participants are Columbia residents enrolled in the Midlands Fatherhood Coalition. “CLIMB’s guaranteed income monthly payments are designed to provide economic stability and uplift to families, which the Stockton SEED project has shown is pivotal in creating opportunities to escape systemic poverty and thus strengthen communities,” said Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin, who launched CLIMB when Columbia was designated as one of the initial ten US cities selected to hold guaranteed income projects. “By directly addressing financial insecurity through a guaranteed income, we can better empower fathers and families to invest in themselves and their children.”

Data last updated on 12/20/2022.

Spending Breakdown

The data in this pie chart shows aggregate spending for guaranteed income participants in Columbia, SC. This includes all non-cash expenditures from the participants' pre-paid debit card that is loaded with guaranteed income payments monthly.

Spending breakdown

Food and groceries accounted for the largest share of spending, at 27.64%, followed by Retail sales and services (26.92%) and Transport related expenses (20.65%).


"I now don't stress about going to buy my son a new jacket when he has outgrown his last one, or a new pair of shoes when he needs them. I can also take him out on adventures, spend the day at the museum or drive to the beach for a few hours."


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